Bootie Bounce

Photos by Skye Nicolas

Spring, like the fall season in Utah has bipolar qualities. The weather can be nice and warm one day and then rainy and snowy the next. That’s just how the seasons transition here, so we’re still feeling like boots are still appropriate for Spring.

Embrace the fact that it will continue to rain, perhaps snow, for a few more weeks and get as much wear out your boots as you can. Once summer is here, boots will get a bit uncomfortable to wear. stylish sisters utah, utah fashion stylist, utah wardrobe stylist


It’s Pink sandal weather

Photos by DH Images

I LOVE Spring! It’s warming up and I love being outside a lot more- finally in sandals! These sandals  are super comfy, easy to walk in, and jazz up a basic T-shirt and jeans outfit. Sandals are definitely a better choice than flip flops…

Get the best of sandal season:

  • Compliment your sandal with beautiful feet. Nothing is worse than wearing cute shoes with crusty feet. Make sure your feet are pedicured.
  • Invest in shoe maintenance before you totally wear out your shoe and are forced to throw them away. Go to a shoe repair store and fix a broken heel or busted sole. If all your sandals are worn out, what a better excuse to go shopping!
  • Store your sandals away from the sunlight and chlorine. Sunlight and chlorine can dry out and discolor your natural leather sandals. Not cute! utah sandals, utah fashion stylist, utah fashion style blog

Spring Happy

Photo by DH Images

Flowers are so obvious for spring. I’ve had this skirt for years, and as weird as it sounds, it puts me in the happiest mood! Probably because I got it while with my best friend. I miss shopping in L.A. Must go back ASAP!

Fashion diary: Lady Gaga concert

This past weekend we went to see one of our favorite dancing queens perform, front row baby- Lady Gaga! Gaga was everything you’d expect her to be: wild, energetic, a phenomenal dancer – not- lip-syncer, thin but not scrawny,  and always wearing her wtf outfits.

We went dressed fun and casual, but nothing too wild. I wore a sequin black dress, ripped tights, knee high boots & a vintage blue jacket. Gisselle was smarter. She wore jeans, sweater blazer, and her new sneakers + yellow headband & black lipstick.

What everyone else wore was exciting to see. We’ve seen wilder outfits in LA, but what we love is Lady Gaga’s I don’t give a funk attitude about fashion. Fashion is art and fashion is fun. While there’s a time and place to be more selective with wardrobe choices, you should always choose to wear something that’s very you.

Although we might not love every outfit Lady Gaga wears, we do love her for being true to herself and encouraging others to do the same. Gaga preaches about love: love for yourself and acceptance of others. We believe in her message and had a blast dancing our asses off. Props to every who channeled their inner freaks for the concert! utah fashion blog, utah fashion stylist, utah wardrobe

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Have you seen Gaga in concert? What did you like and dislike about her outfit choices? Please share in comments below! utah fashion blog, utah fashion stylist, utah wardrobe

Spring is Here!

It’s officially spring and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We love the spring in Utah. We’re  ready to kick off our snow boots and eager to wear lighter fabrics like the ones inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring 2011 looks. So pretty.

Happy St. Patty’s

Don’t get pinched! Wear green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Phillip Lim Fall 2011

Functional fashion: Ride a bike beautifully

“It’s about these chic women who ride bikes to work” says Phillip Lim of his Fall 2010 collection. That’s good to know because riding your bike in biker shorts isn’t sightly (unless you’re working out, but that’s still a big maybe).

Preserve modesty and preserve your health

It’s nice to see a well dressed woman riding her bike, but no one wants to see your c u next tuesday. Draw inspiration from Phillip Lim’s line to skip the restrictive jeans and wear loose pants, below-the knee skirts and dresses.

Bike riding works out your legs (duh), but it’s an even better ab workout! I can attest to this. I rode my bike everywhere one summer and I started seeing results after riding my bike for 2 weeks.

Always wear a helmet. The helmet is the ugliest thing you can wear on your head, but it really can save you from a bad head injury caused by busy drivers who text and drive!